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Most Indian cuisine is related by the similar usage of spices and the use of a greater variety of vegetables than many other cuisines. Religious and caste restrictions, weather, geography and the impact of foreigners have affected the eating habits of Indians. Indian food is a mosaic evolved from many influences and cultures – Turkish, Persian, Afghan cuisines blending with the local and regional specialties. From this rich heritage, Maharaja brings a selection of dishes that are particularly well suited to the Melbournian palate. Maharaja Tandoori Cuisine’s spices and herbs have been stone ground in the traditional manner and our specialties cooked according to the ancient principles of the princely houses. Our Indian bread is cooked in the unique Tandoori style, using a clay oven.

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Maharaja Epping

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Maharaja Epping

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Chicken Handi Lazeez (Chef’s Special)

Delicious and creamy gravy cooked in a handi with a bas....

Cream Chicken (Signature Dish)

Fresh appetizing boneless chicken dipped in an amazingl....

Lamb Bhuna

Mouthwatering Diced lean lamb tossed with red chilli, f....

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